I'm Prodigy

Networking| Programming | Cryptography

Self-learning student on the topics of network technology, programming and cryptography.
A blog about these topics on this site.

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About Me

19 Years. I've taught myself programming and the basics of cryptography, and I'm doing it every day.

In Addition I was never the best at school or academics, I’m just a super curious guy. My Website exists to share these ideas and theories that interest me.
I spend a lot of time building software, scripts, automation, creating network-theories, but there’s also a lot more to it.
Also I already have deployed lots of scripts at work, to automate things, software at home and so on.

Finally my goal is to reach and connect other students, guys or even just people that have also interest on software, security and more...



Hide Apache Server Signature Completely

June 26, 2019

By default, if you install the Apache web service, it comes with many modules and services that provide critial server informations to the outside world. Also,...

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